Tman Xpress's Haiibo Feat. Two'tone DJs, "Mellow & Sleazy,"

Tman Xpress's Haiibo Feat. Two'tone DJs, "Mellow & Sleazy,"

Tman Xpress’s Haiibo Feat. Two’tone DJs, “Mellow & Sleazy,”

A new song named “Haiibo,” written by Tman Xpress and the well-known piano duo Mellow & Sleazy, has contributions from Two’tone DJs.

We’ve had plenty of reasons to be proud of Mellow & Sleazy over the years. The musical duo is back with brand-new tracks. They just put out “Thetha,” and they already have a new song.

Both “Game On” and “Straata,” with “Game On” featuring Felo Le Tee and “Straata” featuring DJ Kazu, were released by the duo. They and Felo Le Tee collaborated on the song “Midnight Prayer,” which was released. The two were featured performers on the song “Gedlela” by Felo Le Tee, together with Sino Msolo and Young Stunna. The song was written by Felo Le Tee. They did a fantastic job with the over all song.

They collaborated with Tman Xpress to develop a brand-new song titled “Haiibo”. They made the decision to include Two’Tone DJs in the tune. By clicking the following link, you can listen to the song online.

By iyko