How Cassper Nyovest Became So Rich Because To AKA's Slap

How Cassper Nyovest Became So Rich Because To AKA’s Slap

When the timeline argued on whether Nota Baloyi had succeeded in pinning Stogie T to the ground as he claimed, Cassper Nyovest described his own little altercation with rival AKA. His personal altercation with AKA was brought up by trolls, who claimed that he froze when Supa Mega smacked him.

Since anybody can remember, Cassper Nyovest and AKA have been at odds. The two do not get along at all, and their argument eventually became physical. In 2015, when their conflict was still recent, AKA smacked Cassper.

It was the wise move, according to Cassper, since it led to him receiving significant agreements and sponsorships; otherwise, he would have suffered severe financial loss.

“I have no regrets

When it comes to who is richer than who, as he insinuated that he is probably richer than AKA, he laughed at a tweep who said AKA is rich.

What started this whole thing is the Nota and Stogie T fight. Stogie released a statement where he clarified what happened and apologized for finding himself at that awkward position,

“As an artist, I support free speech and the right of anyone to express their feelings on various public platforms. I have come to accept that people will either love or reject what I produce. Nota Baloyi has made a name for himself by slandering various creatives in the arts and culture space, with the particular vitriol reserved for me.

“He has lied about encounters, charged me with destroying culture, one time suggesting my mother was a corrupt public servant who cheated the state to prop up my European tours with Tumi and The Volume, and most recently, suggesting I am a woman beater.


By iyko